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Join the #Tweetailing Transformation

What We're About

At SocialRetail Group, we believe that retail store have an exciting future … as long as retailers continue placing greater emphasis on customer experience.


Consumers are demanding a convenient and a seamless experience regardless shopping channel. This trend, in tandem with an evolving digital environment requires retailers to innovate with their social media strategies. Social media may be an online activity, but it doesn’t mean it should stay online.


Our founder Pete Doyle has created the term ‘Tweetailing’, which describes the innovative digital transformation retailers must now take to stay ahead [link to ‘what is Tweetailing’ page]. We can take you from ‘Retailer’ to ‘Tweetailer’, and convert your followers to in-store customers. Can you really afford to wait?

Our Services

Empower your store colleagues to tweet?

Your store colleagues are talking to customers everyday, so let's train them to talk on Twitter locally too!


SocialRetail Group's unique training and monitoring service will empower colleagues to provide exceptional customer service on Twitter throughout your stores.

Is Social Media adding value to your retail business?

Does your current social media strategy add value to your business?


SocialRetail Group have a proven social media auditing solution to review your social media activity and benchmark against your competitors


Too much social media data not enough insight?

Are you swamped by social media insights and data?


SocialRetail Group has a team of social media analysts who can help you sift through your data and provide you with a bespoke enterprise ready dashboard 

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