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What do we do?

SocialRetail Group works exclusively with large scale retail, leisure and hospitality organisations with hundreds of physical locations.  


We provide bepsoke social media consultancy, training and analytics services engineered to the needs of your business.


Our expertise is in embedding social media into your everyday retail operations by empowering your colleagues to become digital ambassadors using social media as a local customer service tool.  


Our clients include Maplin Electronics, Specsavers Hobbycraft.

Who are we?

SocialRetail Group was founded in 2008 to support retailers with physical locations through digital transformation.


Our team of social & digital marketing analysts is led by founder, Pete Doyle, who celebrates 30 years in retail in 2016.


Pete is experienced all aspects of retail and technological change processes, from launching in 1999 to establishing the ecommerce departments for Toys R US and Hamleys from 2000-2003

“Conversations are the most effective way of getting to know customer needs and satisfying them.”

Local store promotes a current in-store offer, using a photograph to grab people’s attention, plus local, relevant and brand hashtags to target the audience.

Customer responds with a query, which is answered promptly - demonstrating great customer service. The use of a photo helps to confirm the answer and shows effort.

The conversation is continued, with the store colleague offering to reserve the item - converting the conversation into a sale.

The customer is happy and impressed with the service and plans to visit the store to complete her purchase.


“Social Retail have been pivotal in the evolution of the our multi-channel marketing strategy. The ‘tweeting from the shop floor’ initiative has enabled selected stores to engage with an additional audience directly from the shop floor in real-time, promoting events and products as well as providing instant customer service and a unique insight into how the store works.” 

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