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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites

At SocialRetail Group we want to celebrate colleagues on the shop floor whilst offering inspiration to how you can start a conversation with your customers.

Therefore, we are introducing #ShopfloorEngage Favourites where we will be looking at our favourite conversations that we have seen across the week.

Without further ado our first #ShopfloorEngage Favourite comes from Hobbycraft Lincoln.

This conversation is based around 'customer makes' and is an example of how a relationship can be built up between a customer and a store colleague through a platform such as Twitter. You will be able to see in this conversation that store colleague Gemma has shown interest in Jo's work.

Follower Jo then goes on to encourage store colleague Gemma to try out painting which shows that there is already a positive relationship between store colleague and follower as Jo feels she is able to recommend a new craft to Gemma.

Why is this our #ShopfloorEngage Favourite?

This is our favourite for a number of reasons, one being that store colleague Gemma has ensured to consistently use personal sign-offs throughout the conversation. This lets the follower know who they are talking to and adds a more personal feel to the conversation.

Store colleague Gemma has shown interest in Jo’s work and has also mentioned that she does crafts herself. Gemma finally mentions that she will share her own makes when she has completed them. This may incite future conversation with the customer.

The conversation as a whole also allows other followers to gain a more personal feel of the store and its store colleagues which may encourage them to make a visit to the store.

If you want to find out more about how to have conversations with your local customers using Twitter, contact us at or check out our website:

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