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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (28.09.18)

For our second #ShopfloorEngage Favourite we will be looking at this conversation from Hobbycraft Bath which is in regards to a stock enquiry from a customer.

In this conversation Hobbycraft Bath's customer Paddy has reached out to the store with a photo of an advent calendar that he made using Hobbycraft's Christmas fabric last year. Paddy has then enquired whether the store have anything similar in stock this year.

This is a good example of how your customers can use a platform such as Twitter to quickly reach out to their local store and enquire about stock before making a visit.

Being able to use Twitter in this way can save time on the shop floor, as well as eliminate the need for a store telephone, as customers can use Twitter to contact the store.

Why is this our #ShopfloorEngage Favourite?

This is our #ShopfloorEngage Favourite this week for a few reasons. One being that this conversation has potential to be turned into a sale for the store. Store colleague Lucy could now offer to put some of the fabric aside for the customer to pick up and purchase at a time convenient for them.

We also like the use of photos to show the customer what items are in stock; Paddy seems pleased with the initial response from store colleague Lucy.

Lucy has also ensured to use personal sign-offs throughout the conversation which is great as this enables the customer to know who they are talking; it also enables a rapport to be built up between the customer and the store.

If you want to find out more about how to have conversations with your local customers using Twitter, contact us at or check out our website:

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