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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (26.10.18)

This week we will be looking at colleague features in store broadcast tweets.

Colleague features are an effective way to create a more personal feel to your timeline.

It is also a great opportunity to illustrate store colleagues expertise to potential customers.

Here are some examples from our client, Hobbycraft:

Using an engaging broadcast tweet with a colleague feature and a question, can encourage conversation with your customers and potentially lead to a store visit or a sale.

Here are some useful tips to consider when writing a broadcast tweet:

-Remember to include a store colleague or customer feature in your tweet.

-Include a question at the end of your tweet to encourage conversation with your customers.

-Remember to use local and brand compliant hashtags.

-Use a personal sign-off.

If you want to find out more about how to write the perfect broadcast tweet and encouraging conversation with your local customers using Twitter, contact us at or check out our website:

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