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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (23.11.18)

This week's focus will be on a short conversation between Hobbycraft Newton and their customer.

The conversation is in regards to the Black Friday deals that Hobbycraft currently have in-store and online.

Hobbycraft Newton have retweeted a brand tweet which has then invited engagement from their local customer who has enquired about stock in their local store.

@papersquiggles has reached out to their local store to ask about an item which is part of the Black Friday offers that Hobbycraft currently have.

Hobbycraft Newton have replied within an hour of the initial tweet and have asked a further question to clarify what the customer is asking about. The store then go on to ask the customer whether they want the product to be put aside.

This is great as it shows how stores can use conversations over social media to generate sales.

The customer seems very pleased with this offer and mentions that they will pop in later in the day to pick up the double sided tape.

Store colleague, Mart, finishes the conversation by letting the customer know that the product will be left behind the tills for them.

Why is this our #ShopfloorEngage favourite?

This is our #ShopfloorEngage favourite this week as it is a good example of how shopfloor colleagues can generate in-store sales through exceptional customer engagement over social media.

There is also a good opportunity to develop the customer relationship through follow up conversation.

It is also good to see that Mart has used a personal sign-off as this allows the customer to know which store colleague they are talking to.

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