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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (30.11.18)

This week's #ShopfloorEngage favourite comes from Hobbycraft Carlisle. The conversation began when the store welcomed their new follower.

Although stores cannot expect their customer to respond on Twitter, on this occasion the customer has shared an image of their current makes which is great to see.

Hobbycraft Carlisle have promptly responded to this with a question which has encouraged further conversation.

Why is this a #ShopfloorEngage favourite?

  • The store has welcomed their new follower and offered them crafting help and advice if needed.

  • Carlisle have shown lot's of enthusiasm towards the customer's makes and have encouraged them to share their future makes with the store.

To make this conversation even more personal, Carlisle could have used personal sign-offs so that the customer knows which store colleague they are talking to.

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