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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (14.12.18)

This week's #ShopfloorEngage favourite come from Hobbycraft Solihull.

This short conversation is a good example of how a customers in-store experience can be extended to Twitter and how stores can build relationships with their local customers.

In this conversation, MagicMoonCrafts have shared a recent purchase from their local Hobbycraft store and have mentioned how pleased they are with the item.

Why is this a #ShopfloorEngage favourite?

  • It is great to see customers sharing their favourite products that they have purchased from their local Hobbycraft store.

  • Store colleague, Caroline, has ensured to reply promptly within the same day.

  • Caroline has encouraged further conversation with the customer by asking them about their new storage and what they plan to store in it.

  • Consistent use of personal sign-offs throughout the conversation.

  • Caroline has used a light-hearted and up-beat tone which is great as it helps to build up a rapport with the customer.

To continue this conversation, Caroline could now ask the customer to share any crafts they have done recently with the Cricut materials that they are storing in their new trolley. This will help to build on the customer relationship even further.

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