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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (11.01.19)

It's always great to see stores supporting their local customers when it comes to customer makes. This week's favourite features two conversations with the same customer from Hobbycraft Newton Abbot.

We love this conversation as it aligns nicely with Hobbycraft's #GetStartedIn campaign focus of crochet this month and offers inspiration to other customer getting started on this craft.

It is great to see that the customer has reached out to the store to share their latest project with some of the yarn that they have purchased in store. This also shows that there is a strong relationship between the store and the customer.

Store colleague, Mart, has replied in an encouraging manner and has asked the customer whether they can share an image of her make on the store's Twitter page.

This has then encouraged the customer to share another make that she has recently completed.

Why is this a #ShopfloorEngage Favourite?

-Mart has ensured to reply promptly to the customer.

-Consistent use of personal sign-offs from store colleague Mart throughout the conversations.

-Great encouragement and interest towards the customer's makes.

-Sharing customer makes offers inspiration to other customers which is great as this may encourage them to come into store and get started on a new project.

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