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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (18.01.19)

It's that time of the week again, we're back with our #ShopfloorEngage favourites!

Over the course of the week we have seen some great broadcasts from Hobbycraft's shop-floor colleagues.

This week's favourites will be looking at a handful of the awesome broadcasts we have seen that have shared store colleague makes.

We love this broadcast from Hobbycraft Stevenage! Store colleague Hannah has shared an item she has made using the Cricut machine, this is great as this can encourage customers to come to store and attend the Cricut demo.

It is also a good way to let your customers know who the experts are for certain crafts in their local store.

These broadcasts from Rushden Lakes and Merry Hill are great as they align with Hobbycraft's #GetStartedIn campaign and focus of crochet this month. Sharing great examples of work with customers will hopefully encourage them to come into store and start a new craft.

Rushden Lakes' tweet includes an engaging question which may encourage conversation with customers. This is great!

Tips for writing a successful broadcast tweet:

-Use a photo (if possible try to include a store colleague)

-Include a question

-Use a personal sign-off

-Include local and brand compliant hashtags

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