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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (15.02.19)

Valentine's Day has been and gone for another year but we still want to share the love!

Welcome back to this week's #ShopfloorEngage favourites where we will be sharing an awesome conversation from Hobbycraft Solihull that we've been loving this week.

Customer, Tanya, has reached out to her local store and has mentioned that she is planning a trip to her local Hobbycraft to get some more ribbon for her current craft project.

Store colleague Caroline has replied to the customer within the same day, this is great to see. Caroline has responded in a light-hearted way and has ensured to use personal sign-offs so that the customer knows who they are talking to.

Caroline has made sure to ask the customer to share her finished projects, this is great to see as it encourages future conversation.

Tanya has then gone on to share her finished cards using the ribbon that she recently picked up in store.

Store colleague Caroline has responded to the customer's tweet and mentioned how much the store have loved to see what she has made, this is great!

Why is this a #ShopfloorEngage favourite?

-Caroline has ensured to use 'we' instead of 'I' which is great as she is responding on behalf of the store.

-Caroline has ensured to use personal sign-offs throughout the conversation. This lets the customer know who they are talking to.

-We can see that there is a good rapport between the store and the customer.

-Caroline has been very encouraging towards the customer's makes which has resulted in the customer going on to share their finished project.

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