#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (15.03.19)

For this week's #ShopfloorEngage favourite we will be looking at a 'hero' store.

Hobbycraft Rushden Lakes have provided some great content over the past few weeks including some great conversations with their customers from store colleagues Ams and Elladey!

Product features/ news updates:

Including store colleagues in product features and news updates is a great way to introduce store colleagues to your followers so that they can get a greater understanding of the expertise in store before they make a visit.

The store have also ensured to use brand and local hashtags in their tweets.

Store colleague makes/ inspiration for customers:

These are just a couple of examples of the store sharing some of the awesome things their store colleagues have made. This is a great way to inspire your customers and get them involved in a new craft. It's great to see the store including some questions in their broadcast tweets as this can encourage customers to get involved in the conversation and potentially come into store to find out more!

Welcoming new followers:

It is fantastic to see store's 'Welcoming their new followers' on Twitter. Store colleague, Elladey, has ensured to thank the follower and include an open question to encourage further conversation with the customer whilst demonstrating good customer service.

In this example the customer did not require any further help at this time.


The following conversation from store colleague Ams is an example of some great customer service.

Following a broadcast from the store which shared an image of some Easter bunny bags, a customer has reached out to the store to ask whether there is a template for the make.