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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (22.03.19)

It's another week and we are back with another #ShopfloorEngage favourites for you!

One of our favourite conversations we have seen across the week comes from Hobbycraft Preston. This conversation is great as the store have encouraged the customer to come in and attend the Cricut help session.

The conversation began when Hobbycraft Preston shared an achievement from one of their store colleagues. Store colleague Sophie has recently received a Cricut badge for completing her Cricut training.

Follower, Michelle, has responded to the store in a light-hearted way mentioning that they would like a Cricut badge. Michelle has also asked the store whether they stock many Cricut products.

The store has responded the following day to inform the customer that they now have a large range of products and hold a Cricut session on Wednesday mornings if the customer would like to pop in and attend. This is great as this conversation may result in a store visit and a sale.

The customer has then gone on to ask about a specific product for the Cricut machine.

Why is this a #ShopfloorEngage favourite?

  • The conversation has potential to be turned into a sale, the store could now offer to put some products aside for the customer to pick up and purchase at a time convenient for them.

  • Preston have ensured to encourage the customer into store.

  • It is great to see photos of store colleagues as this lets followers know who works in their local store and what expertise they have.

Remember to use personal sign-offs so that the customer knows who they are talking to!

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for next week's#ShopfloorEngage favourites!

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