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#ShopfloorEngage Favourites (29.03.19)

The end of March is upon us and we can't believe that this will be our 25th #ShopfloorEngage favourites blogpost.

This week's favourites focuses on some of the stores who have been encouraging their customers to share their makes throughout the week.

We love seeing stores driving engagement and building a community around the awesome talent of their local customers!

Hobbycraft Carlisle and Hobbycraft Northampton have both had some awesome conversations in regards to this. Both conversations began similarly.

In this conversation the customer, Andrea, has shared an image of her recent makes. Hobbycraft Carlisle have responded promptly within the same day asking the customer how the she made each of her makes and what she used. Carlisle have also ensured to be very encouraging towards the customer, this is great!

Andrea has then responded to the store to let them know how each of the pieces were made.

This following conversation between store colleague Shane from Hobbycraft Northampton and The Craft Fantastic began similarly to the conversation from Hobbycraft Carlisle.

The Craft Fantastic has responded to Hobbycraft Northampton's broadcast tweet and has mentioned that they are currently making a leather journal using some products purchased in store.

Store colleague Shane has replied promptly within the same day and has encouraged the customer to share their finished makes. Shane has also ensured to use a personal sign-off which is great to see as this lets the customer know who they are talking to.

Later in the day, the customer has then shared an image of their finished leather journal.

Shane has replied with an encouraging comment.

3 top tips

-Including a question in your broadcast tweet is a great way to encourage engagement with your customers.

-Always remember to use personal sign-offs so that the customer knows which store colleague they are talking to.

-Why not start a new conversation with the customer and ask whether they have been making anything else? This helps to build a long-term relationship between the customer and the store.

Have a great weekend!

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