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#ShopfloorHeroes | 07.06.19

This week's #ShopfloorHeroes blogpost is all about broadcasts.

As part of our ShopfloorEngage App we have determined the five tasks Shop floor colleagues can do to create exceptional customer service.

These tasks are made up of:

i) welcoming new followers into the store

ii) responding to customer mentions

iii) messaging customers privately

iv) broadcasting product feature / offers

v) broadcasting store news updates

We have selected three of our favourite product feature/ offer broadcasts that we have seen from the past few weeks.

Hobbycraft Southampton, Solihull and Reading have all used questions in their product feature/ offer broadcasts to encourage engagement from their customers. Reading and Solihull have also featured a colleague to showcase the products that have been mentioned in their tweets. We love seeing colleagues on store's Twitter accounts as this lets customers know who works in their local store and also creates a friendly timeline!

Product feature/ offer broadcasts are a useful way to let a store's followers know what products and offers are in their local store and also the availability of the products. These broadcasts are a great way to potentially start a conversation with a customer which may then lead to a sale.

To find out more about how we can create #ShopfloorHeroes within your organisation, please email us at or click here and we will call you back.

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