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#ShopfloorHeroes | Emma-Louise Meadows

So for this week's ShopfloorHeroes feature, I would like to nominate our very own shop floor hero, Emma-Louise Meadows!!

For the last academic year, Emma has been working as a full time Business Placement Student from Henley Business School in Social Retail Group. She started working in her first year and wanted to do her placement with SRG so I said yes last year. So every week she reads and analyses around 2,000 store tweets and shop floor conversations from our awesome client Hobbycraft.

For those of who don't know, Emma is also a very keen Crafter. She's been quietly cross stitching her very hand made present for our office 'SocialRetail Group Rocks!" as her placement officially finishes today.

Her work now takes pride of place on our office wall (she even put it on the wall).

During her placement, she also contributed to our office space in Work.Life in Reading (The White Building) . She searched, found, bought and hung up some awesome pictures to create a cool vibe in our rock n roll office.

And it doesn't stop there, Emma also has helped me establish some thought leadership / sector research which we will be publishing from this Sunday onwards. The first report is on Garden Centres in the UK and was picked up by trade publication Horticulture Week. Here's a sneak preview of the work Emma has been doing behind the scenes on the sectors she's been analysing, and how she doodles while she works!

So normally what happens when I take on an undergraduate, I let them continue with their studies and wish them good luck as they finish their studies and start their careers, but in this case, I'm not.

I've decided to promote Emma to Social Retail Account Executive and head up the exciting new clients success department as we add more clients on our Shopfloor Engage (R) App to join our awesome client Hobbycraft !!

Emma-Louise Meadows rocks!

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