#ShopfloorHeroes | 2019!

In April 2019 #ShopfloorHeroes was born. Throughout the year we have been sharing some awesome content weekly that we have seen from our clients. To celebrate the start of 2020 we wanted to reflect back on 2019 and highlight a few of the broadcasts and conversations we have seen across the year.

Even though we saw many fantastic broadcasts over last year we have picked out just a few examples to share with you as well as offer inspiration to how you could start a conversation with your customers through Twitter. It is great to see store colleagues featured in broadcast tweets as it lets your customers know who works in their local store and also what expertise they might have to offer.

It's great to see store colleagues sharing products with the stores customers. Newbury have used a question to offer their customers support with their crafting projects. Store colleague Ashleigh has also used a personal sign-off which is fantastic because it allows the stores customers to know who they are talking to.