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#ShopfloorHeroes | 2019!

In April 2019 #ShopfloorHeroes was born. Throughout the year we have been sharing some awesome content weekly that we have seen from our clients. To celebrate the start of 2020 we wanted to reflect back on 2019 and highlight a few of the broadcasts and conversations we have seen across the year.

Even though we saw many fantastic broadcasts over last year we have picked out just a few examples to share with you as well as offer inspiration to how you could start a conversation with your customers through Twitter. It is great to see store colleagues featured in broadcast tweets as it lets your customers know who works in their local store and also what expertise they might have to offer.

It's great to see store colleagues sharing products with the stores customers. Newbury have used a question to offer their customers support with their crafting projects. Store colleague Ashleigh has also used a personal sign-off which is fantastic because it allows the stores customers to know who they are talking to.

During the build up to Luton's store opening the store shared some updates with their customers. Using Twitter as a tool to keep customers updated with what's going on in-store is a great way to encourage local individuals to make a trip into store.

It was great to see store's getting involved in raising money for charity in 2019. Hobbycraft stores hosted a super hero dress up day to raise money for Together for Short Lives. It was awesome to see stores sharing store colleagues costumes on their store's Twitter account.

Team photos are a great way to share with your customers who works in their local store.

Moving on to conversations, we have picked out these two conversations as they are a great examples of how having conversations with customers on Twitter could potentially lead to a store visit from that customer.

This conversation from Hobbycraft Solihull from back in November was awesome because the store recognised the interest the customer was showing in pyrography and ensured to let the customer know about a workshop that was coming up at the time. The customer was very pleased with this information. This could have then led to the customer coming in to store and getting involved in the workshop.

We also saw a few new stores open in 2019 and it was great to see these stores getting straight into Twitter by sharing great broadcast content and talking to their local customers. Hobbycraft Stratford-upon-Avon used Twitter as a tool to keep their customers updated in the build up to the opening. Stratford ensured to ask their customer whether they were planning to visit during the initial openings.

Our client, Hobbycraft have shared some really great content over the past year. Hobbycraft's store colleagues are well and truly #ShopfloorHeroes! We look forward to seeing what great broadcasts and conversations stores have in 2020.

To find out more about how we can create #ShopfloorHeroes within your organisation, please email us at or click here and we will call you back.

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