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#ShopfloorHeroes | 07.08.20

You've made it to Friday! Before you log off for the weekend we wanted to share some of the fantastic conversations we have seen from Hobbycraft stores over the past week. This week will be focusing on customer makes. We often see Hobbycraft stores conversing with their customers in regard to things they have made with the products they have purchased in their local store- we think this is awesome!

The following conversation began when Hobbycraft Solihull re-shared a tweet from the brand account regarding the artist of the year competition that Hobbycraft are currently running.

Their customer, Michelle, has responded to the tweet. Hobbycraft Solihull have then encouraged a conversation to find out more about the customer's own makes.

It is great to see how promptly store colleague Deb has responded to Michelle. The use of personal sign-offs is a great way to let the customer know who they are talking to.

It is clear that there is a good rapport between the store and the customer which has come about through the store taking time to regularly engage with the customer and find out more about them!

The colleagues at Hobbycraft Solihull are #shopfloorheroes for consistently having awesome conversations with their customers!

The following conversation is from Hobbycraft Newtownabbey who featured in our #ShopfloorHeroes blogpost a few weeks ago. They have been continuing to encourage their customers to share their makes and have received some fantastic engagement on one of their broadcast tweets. We have picked out one of the conversation threads to share this week:

The store are consistently asking their customers to share what they have made and ensure to respond to them.

This short conversation is great because the customer has even shared some photos of what they have been getting up to.

Store colleague Ellis is a hero for ensuring to respond promptly to customers in a super encouraging manner!

Why not encourage your customers to share what they have been getting up to?

It's a great way to spark up a conversation and get to know your local customers.

To find out more about how we can create #ShopfloorHeroes within your organisation, please email us at or click here and we will call you back.

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