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#ShopfloorHeroes | 16.10.20

Hello and welcome back to another #ShopfloorHeroes blogpost!

This week we wanted to share some of the awesome broadcast and conversations we have seen from the new Hobbycraft King's Lynn store.

King’s Lynn have been sharing some fantastic broadcasts from their store’s Twitter in the lead up to the store opening. It has been great to see the store’s new colleagues introduced on Twitter as this is a great way to add a more personal feel to the store's Twitter timeline and also let customers know what expertise there may be in their new store.

The store have also been using news updates to let their followers know about the hide and find rock activity that the store will be running. It’s great to see the store have shared some sneak peeks of the rocks that have been painted and are ready to hide in the local area.

Store colleague Janine has been welcoming the store’s new followers on Twitter. It is great to see that Janine has included questions in these welcoming tweets as this is a great way to spark a conversation and get to know the store’s new followers before they make a trip into store. Janine is a one of our #ShopfloorHeroes!

Why not try reaching introducing your colleagues on Twitter or reaching out to welcome your new followers for following? It is a great way to encourage engagements and get to know your local customers!

To find out more about how we can create #ShopfloorHeroes within your organisation, please email us at or click here and we will call you back.

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