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#AmazingColleague | #ShopfloorHeroes

Over the past week we have seen lots of Hobbycraft accounts using #amazingcolleague to flaunt the wonderful displays of talent that can be found within stores. Using this hashtag is a great way to make the colleagues feel appreciated whilst also humanizing the stores and demonstrating to customers the high level of expertise staff possess.

Northampton’s Shane has been featured for creating this amazing Toy Story themed chest. This demonstrates how versatile Hobbycraft’s wooden chests are, whilst also displaying the incredible talent and creativity of the store colleagues!

Newbury’s store has highlighted Nikki’s fabulous upcycling idea! This craft is not only sustainable but versatile with many different crafts being able to be made from the same recycled scraps. Featuring Nikki within the posts allows followers to connect with the store on a more personal level and identify her specifically if they have any questions about replicating the idea.

Loughton have used the hashtag to show off the fantastic bracelets colleague Michelle created at an in-store workshop. Millie then uses these images to entice customers in to signing up, adding the link in the tweet for added convenience. This is a great way to highlight colleague creativity whilst also encouraging customers to book in!

Some top tips when using this hashtag:

· Include the colleague you’re featuring in the image.

· Use questions in the copy to entice customers to engage.

· If the post is featuring a specific product or workshop leave a link in the tweet so customers can check it out for themselves.

We hope that you have enjoyed this week’s #ShopfloorHeroes blogpost and are inspired to feature your #amazingcolleagues in broadcasts! To find out more about how we can create #ShopfloorHeroes within your organisation, please email us at or click here and we will call you back.

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