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Art Sales | #ShopFloorHeroes

This summer, Hobbycraft has a major sale on arts and crafts and held a competition for colleagues on designing the 'Art Sales' graphics. Bree from the Hobbycraft Maidstone store was the winner and this week's #ShopFloorHero !

Here's Bree with her winning design, along with a lovely message from her store:

Take a look at her winning design here:

And here's a picture of her design on the shelves at the Hobbycraft Harlow store!

What's great about Hobbycraft colleagues is that they're all so creative, like we've just seen with Bree's artwork! We get to see tweets posted weekly of things that colleagues have made throughout the week using Hobbycraft supplies and the crafts are incredible! If you pop into your local Hobbycraft store, there will always be someone willing to help and they might even be an expert in the craft you're looking to make! One more thing about our Hobbycraft colleagues is that they're all friendly- whether you need help or advice or just want a chat, Hobbycraft colleagues will always accommodate your needs!

Poppy Smith, Social Media Executive.

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