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Happy Pride Month! | #ShopFloorHeroes

Happy Pride Month! Pride Month is an entire month dedicated to the uplifting of LGBTQ voices, celebration of LGBTQ culture and the support of LGBTQ rights. Colleagues at Hobbycraft have been hard at work making crafts in celebration of Pride Month...we've seen so many colourful crafts over the past 2 weeks and wanted to share some inspiration.

Here's one of our #ShopFloorHeroes Pam from the Hobbycraft Reading store. Our wonderful colleague Pam is showing off her Pride Shirt sewn from New Look pattern 6407, available in Hobbycraft stores. What's great about Hobbycraft's social medias is that you get to see inspiring crafts both shown, and modelled by the amazing colleagues who are always on hand to help! Hobbycraft stores also offer frequent workshops where they can teach you a new crafting talent, keep an eye out for any Pride themed workshops!

Hobbycraft stores are known for their support of charities. Weekly we see posts of Hobbycraft colleagues raising money for various charities. Here is the team at Hobbycraft Newton, dressed up as Pride icons for their Charity Pride Weekend... can you work out who they are?

How fun are these colourful cupcakes colleague Stacey made for Hobbycraft Worcester's charity day? If you look closely you can even see multicoloured hundreds and thousands baked into the cakes... you can't get much more colourful than that!

We've only shown you a portion of the Pride posts from Hobbycraft, stores across the country have been making fun, colourful crafts and raising money for charities. We want to give a huge congratulations to every store involved in raising money for charity!

Poppy Smith, Social Media Executive

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