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Happy World Book Day! |#ShopFloorHeroes

On Thursday March 3rd the UK celebrated World Book Day. The annual charity event encourages school kids to dress up as their favourite book characters, whilst offering every child the opportunity to have a book of their own. Its the perfect opportunity to think outside the box and get crafty, which is exactly what these Hobbycraft colleagues and their families have done!

In this tweet we can see amazing colleague Mags from the Carlisle store has helped her grandkids put together their world book day outfits. Asking an engaging question at the end of the post is a great way to spark conversation and inspiration for other families struggling with costume ideas. We hope Annie and Batman had an adventure filled world book day!

This tweet from Derby shows Poppy dressed up as Hermione from her favourite wizarding book series. We think she nailed the costume! The hair and the wand make it really easy to understand which character Poppy is representing, along with a copy of a Harry Potter we think she looks picture perfect! We hope she had a magical day.

This tweet from Carlisle gives us a look behind the scenes of colleague Shelley's son Harrison's costume. We love that she listed the materials Harrison used to create the costume, as well as specifying that they can all be found in store. We love that they shared the costume as a work in progress and a finished make, showing that with some determination you can create anything!

Its been great to see so many Hobbycraft stores sharing their world book day costumes. Its a great way to provide inspiration to followers and show off the amazing creations that they have put together. We hope everyone had a brilliant world book day! What book is next on your list to read?

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