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Hobbycraft Gets Together for Short Lives | #ShopFloorHeroes

Last weekend we saw our Hobbycraft shop floor heroes hold a variety of fundraisers in store to support the amazing charitable organisation 'Together for Short Lives'. They dedicate their work to supporting the professionals caring for seriously ill babies, children, young people and their families. Together for Short Lives became Hobbycraft's charity partner 10 years ago, and in that time the stores have raised over £1.5 million for the charity.

In this tweet we can see Hobbycraft Aberdeen decided to fundraise by holding a raffle, with the very happy looking winners taking home a Spring Hamper. They managed to raise £200 for the charity and capture the winning moment in this tweet.

In a series of tweets from Hobbycraft Bristol we can see the store manager undertaking a colossal 150 mile bike ride. The store captured moments from this challenge throughout, always encouraging customers to come in store and donate to the cause. This is a really impressive achievement from Bristol, and demonstrates how committed the Hobbycraft colleagues are to raising money for such a worthwhile cause, even further earning the title 'shop floor heroes'.

Hobbycraft Wimbledon took a different tactic to encourage donations, focusing on customer's four legged friends. Jaqui designed a personalised cookie in the image of Codi the snozzerdoodle for his owner, creating what we think is a stunning likeness. This also reminds followers that Hobbycraft stores are dog friendly, and may encourage some more customers and their pets to come and visit.

Here we see the official Together for Short Lives twitter account respond to the amazing fundraisers Hobbycraft colleagues completed over the week. This acknowledgement of all their hard work is lovely to see, and adding a link at the end showing the children and carers they have helped to support makes it even more rewarding.

It's been incredible seeing the efforts our shop floor heroes are willing to go to in order to support those who deserve it most. Also the creativity in the different kind of fundraisers we've seen, from raffles to sports challenges to personalised dog biscuits!

We've only highlighted a few of the many stores that were involved in fundraising over the last week. We want to give a huge congratulations to every store involved for their amazing efforts and all the money they have managed to raise for such an excellent cause!

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