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Hobbycraft Hops in to Easter | #ShopFloorHeroes

This week Easter launched in Hobbycraft and it's been amazing to see the creative crafts and displays our shop floor heroes have come up with to celebrate the season.

Hobbycraft Derby have shared this lovely post featuring colleague Carol. She's designed this mini crate stuffed full of Easter themed goodies. Derby helpfully add that all the products Carol has used to create it can be found in store, providing great inspiration to any budding crafters and encouraging customers to visit them.

By adding relevant hashtags to the end of the post such as #makeitshareit they ensure that it will reach it's intended target audience of crafters. To improve this post even further they could add some local hashtags such as #Derby to gain more reach from the Derbyshire area.

Hobbycraft Stratford-upon-Avon have shared this colourful display showcasing some of their Easter treats on offer. It features Angie modelling a pair of the new bunny ears that can be found in store. This is a great way to make the post more engaging!

They have also ended the post with a question, asking followers which new Easter item is their favourite. This is a great way to prompt responses which can lead to more detailed craft related conversations. This really helps to build the relationship between the store and customers.

Hobbycraft Warrington also shared this beautiful Easter bunny cake made by their shop floor hero Emma! We absolutely love the creativity and talent that has gone in to this! Warrington helpfully share the type of icing used to create the cake, along with the fact that is only £2 to purchase.

They have also included some great local hashtags such as #warrington, #wigan and #cheshire to make sure its getting seen by their local community of crafters.

Which post was your favourite this week? And do you have any big Easter plans? Let us know!

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