Meet the Team!

It's #meettheteammonday and we wanted to introduce the awesome people we have working at SRG!

Currently in the Social Retail team there is Pete Doyle(Founder and CEO), Ella Bernie (Social Media Analyst), Emma Meadows (Social Media Analyst) and Alice Powell (Social Media Analyst).

Pete who is the founder and CEO of Social Retail Group! Pete founded SRG on 4th July 2008, this day was deliberately picked as he wanted it to be his own independence day where he could build a new and exciting business.

Pete's favourite part of his job is helping clients see the ROI of social media and also giving young people the opportunity of professional work experience.

In Pete's spare time he writes songs, teaches and plays guitar. Alongside Social Retail Group Pete has also founded a music education charity for 11-18yr olds in his home town of Reading, called Reading Rock Academy.

Above is a photo of Pete busking on the streets of Reading with his loop pedal.

Pete's favourite quote is: 'Think Twice, Tweet Once', this quote is one which we remind our clients to do whilst tweeting from the shop floor.

Next up we have Ella. Ella currently studies consumer behaviour and marketing at the University of Reading.

She has been working at SRG since June and her favourite part of her job as a social media analyst is monitoring and collecting all the examples of different social media and getting to present them.