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Preparing for the Future! | #ShopFloorHeroes

We've seen some great summer- themed posts from our #shopfloorheroes over the past week as most school are now going into their summer holidays and we experienced the heatwave! Can you believe that we had the hottest temperatures ever recorded in this country?

One thing which we think is a great idea, is preparing early for things... such as winter. Yes... we're already talking about winter, but why not use your time off this summer to improve your winter season?

Check out this draught excluder that one of our #shopfloorheroes Vicky from the Cardiff Hobbycraft store has been busy 'ssssss'ewing! There's nothing worse in winter than a cold draught blowing under the door of your warm house, especially with the cost of living crisis...

Another way to make the most out of any time off you may have during summer could be making a blanket ready to throw over your sofa, the foot of your bed or save it for those cosy, winter movie nights! Check out these croqueted squares that Shop Floor Hero Natalie from the Gloucester Hobbycraft store has been busy making... check out those amazing patterns! Perfect for putting together to make a huge blanket!

Speaking of blankets, here's one that Shop Floor Hero Pauline has knitted using materials from the Carlisle store where she shows off her talents through her work! Make sure to watch the full video!

Are there any preparations you do during summer to prepare for winter?

Poppy Smith, Social Media Executive.

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