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School's out for Summer! | #ShopFloorHeroes

With the school holidays starting for most, or starting soon, it's sometimes hard to find activities to do for all the weeks off! That's where Hobbycraft comes in... they have an Ideas Hub where crafts are shared that everyone can make! The Ideas Hub can be found on their website, as well as weekly ideas posted to the store's Twitter accounts.

Check out these cardboard zoo animals that one of our #shopfloorheroes Nicky, from the Watford Hobbycraft store, made using recyclable cardboard!

More of our #shopfloorheroes have been 'buzzzz'y making some great crafts, including Nickie from the Derby store who crocheted Bertie the bee!

Hobbycraft post step by step guides on how to make some really exciting crafts, perfect for kids to get involved with this summer holiday! All products which they use can be found in Hobbycraft stores and with 110 stores across the country, it's likely that there's one near you!

What will you be making this summer holiday?

Poppy Smith, Social Media Executive.

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