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Serialised seasonal tweeting! | #ShopfloorHeroes

Hello and welcome back to this week’s #ShopfloorHeroes blogpost! Hobbycraft stores have well and truly been getting into the festive spirit by sharing some wonderful seasonal tweets over the past weeks. It has been great to see stores sharing some serialised content on their Twitter pages too. We have selected Hobbycrat Exeter for the awesome serilaised content they have been sharng in the lead up to Christmas.

Hobbycraft Exeter:

We were delighted to see Hobbycraft Exeter’s awesome advent colour in canvas tweets over the past week. Each day the store have been decorating their colour in canvas with various crafts.

It's great to see the store sharing close-ups of some of the days on the advent canvas, we love days 3 & 4. It is a great way to showcase the talents of various colleagues, as you can see, store colleagues Erica and Karen are super talented. We love how much detail the colleagues have put in to this project!

Additionally, it's been really great to see Exeter's colleagues having their photo taken with the canvas. Sharing photos of colleagues is a great way to add a more personal touch to store Twitter and let local followers know who works in the store.

We are super excited to see what the next few weeks of Hobbycraft Exeters canvas has to offer!

Why not try and create some serialised content for your store's Twitter, it's a great way to keep followers re-visiting your page to see the next instalment of whatever you are doing or creating. It's also a fantastic way to get your team working together on a project.

We hope that you have enjoyed this week’s #ShopfloorHeroes blogpost! To find out more about how we can create #ShopfloorHeroes within your organisation, please email us at or click here and we will call you back.

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