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Sharing colleague makes on Twitter | #ShopfloorHeroes

Hi there and thank-you for tuning back in to check out the next instalment in our #ShopfloorHeroes weekly blogpost!

This week we wanted to share some of the awesome colleague make broadcasts we have seen recently from Hobbycraft stores. For Hobbycraft, sharing colleague makes is a great way to showcase the talent and expertise of colleagues whilst also highlighting the endless possibilities of what can be created with products that can be purchased in-store.

Here are three of our favourite colleague make tweets we have seen over the past week:

(Above) This tweet from Bristol is great as the store have ensured to share some great quality images where they have considered the background. The store have also used brand and relevant hashtags in the tweet.

(Above) This tweet from Hobbycraft Lincoln is very eye-catching. The store have celebrated their colleague's make by sharing an up-beat and enthusiastic broadcast which also gives some useful information about their colleague Kerry and what other expertise she has. This is great as it may encourage customers to head into store and ask Kerry for project help!

(Above) This tweet from Hobbycraft Falkirk is fab as the store have made sure to mention the tools that Eilidh has used to create the fantastic drawing. The store have mentioned that the pencils and sketchpads are also included in the art sale that is currently on. This is great as it may encourage customers to come into store and shop the art sale! Falkirk's colleague, Chloe, has also used a personal sign-off at the end of the broadcast, this is fantastic as it adds a more personal feel to the store's Twitter.

Additionally stores can also use questions in their tweets to encourage conversation with customers/ individuals who also enjoy similar arts/ crafts.

Here are a few top tips to consider when creating broadcasts for your store:

  • Talk about your colleagues! Sharing colleague expertise is a great way to add a more personal feel to the store's Twitter and lets your customers know who works in their local store.

  • Aim to use local, brand and relevant hashtags in your tweet as random ones may look 'off-brand' and associate your store's Twitter with inappropriate communities.

  • Ensure to take good quality photos as this helps to make your store Twitter look more professional.

We hope that you have enjoyed this week’s #ShopfloorHeroes blogpost and are inspired to broadcasts on behalf of your store on Twitter! To find out more about how we can create #ShopfloorHeroes like Hobbycraft Falkirk, Lincoln and Bristol within your organisation, please email us at or click here and we will call you back.

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