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Celebrating local artists | #ShopFloorHeroes

This week we have seen some amazing examples of Hobbycraft stores engaging with and sharing the work of artists from their communities. This is a brilliant way to showcase the abundant talent within their local areas whilst being able to deliver expert recommendations and advice to crafters.

In this example we see Gemma from Lincoln celebrating the work of Meg Langton, who was recently commissioned to create a series of art works for the Lincoln train station. By congratulating Meg on her work the Lincoln store is not only sharing this example of artwork that can be found in the community that their followers will likely enjoy, but is also building a personal connection with a potential customer working in the arts and crafting field.

Here we can see Hobbycraft Gloucester starting a new series titled ‘Local Artist Tuesday’. This week they shared the Instagram page of an artist working within the community called ‘resin and shine’. They used hashtags such as #buylocal, reinforcing that this is relevant to their followers in the Gloucester area. Again, this helps Hobbycraft to celebrate the work of their customers and likely increases their brand loyalty, all whilst sharing content that their followers are likely to be interested in.

It has been great to see stores sharing the talent of artists within their local communities this week. Can you think of any artists in your local area who's work deserves to be celebrated? We think its a great way to use your social media platform and we’re really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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