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Spring Workshops at Hobbycraft | #ShopFloorHeroes

Over the past week we've seen Hobbycraft stores continue to share the amazing workshops they have on offer. As we settle in to Spring (despite the crazy weather suggesting otherwise!) it's been fantastic to see all of the creative seasonal workshops, with focuses such as Easter and the upcoming Jubilee! Let's take a closer look...

We love this post from Hobbycraft Taunton! It features some lovely finished makes, giving followers an idea of the kind of crafts the workshops cover. It also includes booking links to both workshops making it as easy as possible for customers to get involved! This is a great way to structure a tweet about workshops. To improve even further they could include a picture of a happy customer in the post with their finished make, or a behind the scenes shot of the crafting in action to give followers even more insight in to the whole experience.

This post from Hobbycraft Exeter is a great example of including happy customers and finished makes to promote a workshop! We have found that pictures featuring colleagues and customers tend to travel a lot further on Twitter's algorithm, enhancing the organic engagement of a post. For this reason we think it's always a great idea to get (consenting) happy workshop attendees and artisans involved! To improve this even further, they could add the links to the wreath and macramé workshops as Taunton have done in the example above to make it super convenient for followers to book on.

.This post from Hobbycraft Livingston is fantastic! It is really seasonally relevant as we build towards the Queen's platinum Jubilee in early June. Featuring the Spice Girls is in keeping with the patriotic theme whilst also injecting a sense of humour and fun in to the project. It also demonstrates how customisable this workshop is, as customers can create any character they choose. They have also ended the tweet by including the link to book on as well as some relevant local hashtags to ensure it circulates to an appropriate audience. Great job!

Overall we have loved seeing how Hobbycraft stores have chosen to promote all the fantastic workshops they have available in store. We feel inspired to do some crafting, do you? Which of these workshops would you be most likely to book on to?

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