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The Jubilee Countdown Continues... | #ShopFloorHeroes

With the Queen's 70th anniversary of her coronation approaching in just 3 weeks, we've seen so many inspiring creations from our Hobbycraft colleagues. From cakes to crochet... they've got crafts suited for everybody!

Colleagues at Hobbycraft have been hard at work over the last month decorating their stores with union jacks, Queen themed crafts and even Corgis and we've been lucky enough to witness it through their Twitter accounts!

Take a look at this incredible painting of Queen Elizabeth that this week's #ShopFloorHero Anna, the team leader at the Luton Hobbycraft store, created! It's amazing to see how much talent our Hobbycraft colleagues have.

Here's more creations the Wimbledon Hobbycraft store came together to make... look closely to see that the tea party is actually all crochet!

Our #ShopFloorHeroes at Hobbycraft will be continuously posting Jubilee themed arts and crafts up until the Jubilee celebration itself, so make sure you check out your local Hobbycraft store's Twitter to be inspired by their bakes, makes and artwork and see what they're up to.

Remember that Hobbycraft stores often run fun workshops that the public are welcome to attend, so be sure to check those out!

Poppy Smith, Socail Media Executive


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