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Wishing Ela all the best | #ShopFloorHeroes

We would like to wish Ela from Hobbycraft Reading all the best in her life adventures! We have been working alongside Ela since 2015... in fact, Ela posted Hobbycraft Reading's first ever tweet!

Over the years we have been able to watch her social media skills grow and flourish!

She is such and enthusiastic person with an amazing creative eye which can be seen through her posts on Reading's Hobbycraft store Twitter page.

Ela is this week's #ShopFloorHero as she has always been so positive and enthusiastic about what she does. You can see her passion for crafts through her tweets and photos and she always has the biggest smile... especially when we see her in store!

Check out this video from 2015 all about the Reading store, featuring our #ShopFloorHero Ela!

From us all at Social Retail Group, we wish you all the best!

Poppy Smith, Social Media Executive

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